Cat Translator for iPhone™ and iPod touch®

The Cat Translator is an entertaining and useful tool to help you learn Catspeak so that you can better understand and communicate with cats. (It is also a great party trick when you would rather communicate to other humans through the voice of a cat!)
This app has a comprehensive library of English phrases that are accurately translated to Catspeak (meows). Users are able to scroll through menus to select an English phrase and the corresponding meow translation plays out loud. This will have you laughing, repeating, and most importantly, understanding meows in no time!

Please do not confuse or stress out your cat by playing the "angry" phrases while they are nearby.

All meows are produced by the voice of Jill McKeever, a domestic feline "meow" emulator and translator.

10% of proceeds from Cat Translator downloads will be donated to Kansas City animal shelters and spay/neuter clinics!



Cat Translator is an application designed by Jill McKeever and developed by Brain Bender Consulting, in association with

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